Make Erections Last Longer With Penis Plugs

What are penis plugs? How can you use them to improve your erections and last longer in the bedroom? If you’re scared of stuffing a metal rod inside your cock, don’t be! We’ll show you the secrets to urethral sounding and teach you how to make erections last longer with penis plugs!

What Is a Penis Plug? 

For starters, penis plugs may look a bit intimidating to someone who’s never used them. However, these toys are actually quite simple. They offer several benefits if you learn how to use them correctly. Penis plugs are small and thin toys that can enter the urethral canal. Most should only be inserted for a short period, while others are made for prolonged use. On average, the length of a cock plug is around 1–4 inches. When inserted, a plug provides internal sexual stimulation of the penis and can create incredibly unique sensations. Interested? Check it out at lovegasm.


What’s more, cock plugs stimulate one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body from the inside. They come in various shapes, textures, and designs. The most common plug is a smooth and moderately tapered urethral sound or rod. It is crafted out of stainless steel. Some plugs can have a larger taper, or they can be ribbed or made of a flexible material like silicone. Others are hollow and allow the wearer to ejaculate through them. Finally, most plugs contain bars or ring handles at the base. This is a fail-safe feature that prevents the toy from going in too far.

It Helps Draw the Attention of the Entire Body to the Penis

When utilized for sexual purposes, plugs can generate a lot of pressure inside the urethra when the blood flows to the penis. In turn, this stimulates all of the sensory nerve endings that are found along the length of the penis. The pressure can heighten the sensations across the entire organ. This heightened sense of sexual arousal also draws the attention of the entire body to the penis!

Moreover, most penis plugs are designed with a goal in mind. This is usually to increase your arousal. When your system focuses all of its attention on the penis, you can learn to control these new sensations and even use cock plugs to control your erectile function. Cock plugs can make you more accustomed to stimulation, and that can allow you to last longer during sex.

It’s vital to mention that using this toy requires a bit of practice. Your penis and body will need to learn how to respond to the sensations. Also, plugs should not cause agonizing pain or other negative effects. With training, you can make the experience comfortable, smooth, and highly pleasurable.

Why It Is Important to Last Longer in Bed

If you tend to blow your load too quickly, here’s why you need to start thinking about learning how to last longer:

  • Most women take longer to reach climax compared to men. This instantly means you’ll need to last longer to please them.
  • Some women need to have multiple orgasms to get fully satisfied. It’s important for men to stay hard and not ejaculate until the woman’s needs are met.
  • Lasting longer isn’t just about the female orgasm — it will allow you to get a higher sense of control.
  • It enables you to experiment with different types of foreplay, sex positions, and more.
  • Being a stud in bed will also increase your self-confidence, sexual confidence, and your body image.
  • If you wait for your partner to orgasm and pleasure her first, her sexual and emotional feelings for you will increase. She will keep coming back for more!
  • Your improved sexual performance will reduce stress and performance anxiety, boost physical strength, and improve your relationship.

As you can see, learning to maximize your sexual performance has the potential to revitalize your sex life. Both you and your partner will benefit from it, and it will make sex wilder, more fun, and much more enjoyable. Also, learning to prolong ejaculation will ultimately lead to much stronger and more intense orgasms for you.

What Penis Plugs Bring to the Table

The toy will stretch and massage the inside of the urethra to bring waves of pleasure to your mind, body, and cock. It can increase your sensitivity. This can help you maintain an erection for an extended period of time without ejaculating. If you’re experiencing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (ED), urethral sounds can provide long-term help. However, they can help any guy who wants to increase their orgasm time to reap the benefits of lasting longer.

Additionally, men should only use penis plugs during solo masturbation or foreplay with their partner. They’re unsafe for sex and penetration as they could cause internal damage or sexually transmitted infections. Yet, they provide pressure across the whole inside of the penis but will cause the best sensations on both ends of the cock. You can insert the plug when you’re flaccid and quickly get massive and insanely hard erections.

Furthermore, if you like BDSM fetishes, cock plugs bring a lot of kink to the table. Your dominant partner can use them to take control of your cock and deny your orgasms. There’s a range of kinky scenes you and your partner can try with your penis plug, including prostate milking, tease and denial, bondage, femdom, and so on.


Now that you’re ready to change your sex life for good, order a penis plug and have fun!

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