“I consider myself a private person who usually wouldn’t talk about my problems with my marriage. For quite some time, my wife and I were struggling with our relationship. She kept saying she wasn’t satisfied and that something was missing for her. So, we decided to seek help.

I was made to feel comfortable right from the start which made it much easier for a guy like me to talk about our problems. Sexual liberation opened our lines of communication and we no longer got overly emotional when we talked about difficult subjects. We learned to manage our time better and now have more time to take care of our relationship.”

— K.B.

“Sexual liberation gave me support to learn to take care of myself better, to feel more confident as a wife and to ask for help when I needed it.”

— Anonymous

“I was going out with girlfriends, partying and escaping. I was ready to end our marriage I was so unhappy. My husband was going to move out and I was even calling apartment complexes to help him find a place to live. My husband reached out to someone from the sexual liberation movement. We’ve worked with them for 13 weeks now and if we hadn’t gone to them, we’d be living separate lives. I don’t think about divorce anymore. I’m wearing my wedding ring again, too! I’m so glad my husband didn’t give up on us and that we have discovered the sexual liberation movement.”

— D.W.

“My husband and I went to join the sexual liberation movement because I was very frustrated with my husband. I was annoyed with everything he did and was questioning why we were still together. I had married him because he was really nice, easygoing and stable, which was what I needed at the time. But, as I got older, I thought I really didn’t need that anymore. There was no passion between us and we had sex less than 10 times a year. I was basically ready to get a divorce.

My biggest fear of seeking help was that it might confirm how hopeless I felt and that I’d determine for sure I should leave my marriage. I knew a divorce would be devastating to my family and I really didn’t want to put anyone through that. I wanted help, but I also didn’t want to settle for a marriage that was unsatisfying to me.

After meeting a few members of the group, I no longer felt as frustrated. I came to appreciate who my husband is and how he is different from me. We learned to respect one another’s ideas and opinions and I was reminded of all the positive reasons I married him. I no longer think about divorce and am much happier overall. And our sex life improved dramatically! Sexual liberation really helped save my marriage.”

— S.M.

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