Anal Beads Qualities: What Makes The Perfect Anal Beads?

How to use anal beads? This question is asked often. Love balls, lust balls or anal beads are sex toys or even medical balls that women wear in everyday life.

What are analbeads?

The classic anal beads have a size of about 4 cm, are connected with a string and made of the material plastic. In the hollow spheres is each a slightly smaller and heavier metal ball. The pleasure ball is inserted into the vagina. The anal beads are perfect when they are barely noticeable. Run or move woman with the balls introduced, this causes a kind of vibration in the abdomen – an incredibly beautiful feeling. In most cases women do not come to full orgasm, the libido and sexual desire are deepened. Through a return tape you pull out the anal beads again, this has a strong similarity with a tampon.

What are anal beads used for? What are love balls?

 The question: What are anal beads and where to buy them, is answered. A nice side effect to the sexual desire is that love or pleasure balls are a good training for the pelvic floor muscles, because with the muscle you hold the anal beads in the vagina. And that means a good pelvic floor is an absolute orgasm guarantor. Many women are not well trained downstairs, but that can be changed quickly and effectively.

The optimal training tools are love balls. The balls, which woman introduces in her vagina, strengthen one hundred percent the muscles of the pelvic floor and thereby strengthen the feeling of love. There are even medical love balls, these can do much more than the round sex toys, because with the medical balls, the pelvic floor is specifically trained. Thus, incontinence is prevented in old age and you also get much more intense and deeper to orgasm. Bladder weakness is usually the result of a weak pelvic musculature. Anyone who has a problem involuntarily loses urine.

What differences are there with the love balls?

There are different sex toys, which are called love balls: What are love balls?

  1. Anal beads without metal balls, but with powered vibrators.
  2. Anal beads, anal beads: Anal beads are a string, a thread or a type of compound made of rubber, in which balls of metal, plastic or rubber are attached in a horizontal order. The anal beads are pushed into the anus by a man or woman during the act of love and are slowly pulled out during the orgasm, the woman or the man have thereby a stronger and longer orgasm. Loveplugs which is pretty popular sex toy shop offers one of the best anal beads out there, just click here:
  3. Rin-no-tama: Rin-no-tama is an exciting sex aid that has its origins in Japan, but is also known in India, China and since the 18th century in France. The anal beads consisted of three silver balls, which were connected with a little chain. The bottom ball had a retrieval thread, and the top ball was empty, with the purpose of keeping the other two balls in place. This meant that the center ball was placed in front of the G-spot and consisted partly of mercury, the lower one before the exit of the vagina. The lowest sphere was covered with fine striations, which contained no mercury, but small spheres of lead, which moved back and forth.

Especially heavy anal beads are not only helpful in the act of love, but also a medical tool, which you should try out in any case. They strengthen the pelvic muscles and enable you to feel more intense orgasms.

For many anal balls seem to be a real madness. But it is this sex toy designed for pleasant sensations, which can be obtained only after the muscles begin to contract around the small round beads, which is especially nice during an orgasm.

Anal balls are small beads, spaced evenly over a strong cord. However, some beads can have exactly the same size, while others can gradually increase. In addition, they are completely different sizes and various shades. In addition, there are toys with built-in vibrators that can additionally excite you from the inside. If you’re still not satisfied, Let’sTalkSex.Net has a great article about the best anal beads out there, click here.

How do they work?

The balls are located at a certain distance from each other, which causes the muscles to relax and shrink. Thus, you will receive additional sensations. Some people like to pull out all the rope at the time of orgasm, and that this is done suddenly.

How to use?

There are important conditions for using balls – relaxation, lubrication and communication. If you have not had this experience, then you need to familiarize yourself with some tips that will help get maximum pleasure and do everything correctly.

Communication – maybe you will use the products together, or maybe independently. If together with a partner, then specify how much lubrication is needed for stimulation, is it time to introduce a new ball and when to pull out;

The use of a special more dense anal lubrication – the anus never moistens on its own, so you need quite a lot of lubrication, you should lubricate both the hole itself and the balls;


Enough excitement – you can watch adult films or read erotic stories, excite each other and tune in to passionate sex;

Gentle caresses of the anus – massage and light pressure on the anal area before the introduction of products;

Take your time – stop, let your body fully adapt to completely new sensations, the balls should be inserted slowly and slowly, enjoy the sensations, add lubricants, if the balls enter hard, do not rush to enter them;

Take a break – if you feel an unforgettable pleasure, stop and normalize your breathing. Deep breaths are an important part of pleasure, especially for anal sex. This will help you relax your muscles;

Increase breathing – for this you can combine arousal, stimulation and games. You can play with the crotch, testicles, penis, and nipples, stimulate the clitoris and use small vibrators.

You need to remove the balls gradually. To do this, they must be pulled straight and not tilted in different directions; otherwise you can damage the anus. Do not pull them out very sharply. Always respect your body – you must pull out the balls gently and gently.

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