Butt Plug Hygiene: The Aftercare Process

  More and more people are using sex toys and, specifically, anal sex toys. Whether sporadically, as a game to pepper in the life of a couple, or frequently, wearing anal plugs during the day or at night in order to “train” the orifice muscles and prepare them for penetration, thus limiting pain and discomfort.

Finding the answer of the question how to clean your butt plug? The best materials to choose if you want to keep a sex toy in the back for so long are metal and glass, not porous and easy to clean. But, most people buy and use silicone erotic anal games and then discover once they have been extracted that they give off a terrible and nauseating smell.

It can also happen if the rectum is not quite completely clean and still has traces of fecal matter, which despite the cleanliness on the toy remain dark spots: but how, you say? Silicone is not porous, it’s safe, but it can happen. The advice is to smear the anal sex toy with coconut oil and wash it well with a mild soap and water, before using it.

10 tips to remove the bad smell from your anal sex toys

  • After using it, do not store your anal plug right away in the bag or another case: you will do nothing but trap the smells, making things worse.
  • Try to keep it in the air for a while; even better if you can keep it exposed to direct sunlight not direct for a few days.
  • Try to boil it, but only if it is made of 100% silicone otherwise ruin your play. Maybe put a drop of vinegar, without bringing it to a boil.
  • Cook it! Yes, it’s not a food: just start with a temperature of 250 degrees for 20 minutes. Also in this case, the advice is only valid for totally silicone toys.
  • Some companies that produce menstrual cups recommend submerging silicone sex toys into hydrogen peroxide. Try it as a last resort as it could be too aggressive even for a 100% silicone toy.
  • Immersion in vinegar for 15-20 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash the sex toy well afterwards, with water and neutral soap.
  • Try to immerse it in a 10% bleach solution . Please be sure to wash it well as soon as you remove it from the bathroom, soap and water. (This option worked less often). Never bring the bleach to a boil.
  • Create a solution consisting of 1 cup of baking soda and 4 cups of water and immerse the sex toy inside for a few hours. Rinse well and dry in the air.
  • Use your anal sex toy always with a condom; protect the toy and who uses it.
  • Clean your anal toy with a specific antibacterial detergent spray , able to remove both bacteria and bad smells.

Any other useful tip is welcome! If, despite these attempts, your anal sex toys continue to give off smells that are not pleasant at all, then you should buy other sex toys.

When you get used to the sensation you can then move on to sitting with it or sitting up. At the beginning or when you change the size of the anal plug you may be able to tolerate it for a while. After a short time, however, it should be able to use it without any problem, even for a few hours. In any case, the first sign of pain or irritation should be removed.

Well given these rough rules let’s see some steps for the correct use of the anal retractor. Choose a model that suits your level of experience. Make sure it is in perfect condition i.e. clean if you have already used it and without being damaged on its surface. Choose the lubricant suitable for the type of anal plug you have chosen. Place her lying down on the bed face down and ass up Apply the lubricant to your index finger and apply the lubricant to its anus Apply the lubricant to the tip of the anal retractor Insert it in very flat. The concept of how to insert it is equal to that of how to insert a finger in his ass.

Anal dilator: in what materials can I find it?

On the market you can find different types and colors so you can combine them with your “personality”. It is important that the anal plug is made of non-porous material so that it allows you to sterilize it in hot water. You can also find butt plugs in porous materials such as: PVC TPC and some silicon blends. These materials are generally not recommended because they are porous. In short, it means that they can hide small holes that can in turn hide bacteria that can cause infections.

Butt Plug: how to choose the best one for you

The first principle to bear in mind is that it must not hurt. We have already seen that it is important to increase the size slowly and start with something not too demanding. The second principle is that it should not have decorations that could go to scratch the anal canal. So it must be smooth enough to make it simple. The third principle is to keep your allergies in mind so choose a model that will not cause allergic reactions in any way. The fourth principle is to not go to savings.

You’re going to place it in a delicate area so do not be stingy. Cheap sex toys can be made of inferior quality materials so it is better not to run this type of risk. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid glass anal plugs as a hypothetical breakage could send it straight to the emergency room in an experience that is not exactly exhilarating both physically and psychologically. If you want to stray away from the cheap ones, just shop at as their products are of superior quality.

Let’s be clear go to the hospital and tell the nurse that you have an anal dilator broken in the ass is not exactly the best of life so why take the risk? Finally make sure that the butt plug you decide to buy has a broad base. This serves to prevent it from completely ending up in its anus something that again would take it straight to the emergency room.

Finally, a small note: The anus is not designed to have an anal wedge inside, so some people may have a low tolerance threshold while others may take it for hours without experiencing any problems. In any case it is always better to go slowly and progressively.

Anal Plug: how to choose the best lubricant based on the model

When talking about which lubricant to use it is very important to keep in mind the material of the butt plug. Anal vinyl retractor In this case, every type of lubricant is fine because the vinyl is practically indestructible in contact with the lubricant.

So silicone based lubricants, oil or water are fine Anal or rubber latex retractor In this case you must avoid an oil-based lubricant as it could destroy the latex. Oriented towards a water or silicone based lubricant.

Anal silicone retractor

The silicone lubricant can destroy the surface making it very difficult to clean the sex toy. So this case is better oriented towards a lubricated oil or water based.

Anal Wedge: how long can you use it?

The truth is that very few researches have been done on the subject. So most of the indications we have are provided by users and based on common sense.

So if there is any sign of pain or irritation the anal plug should be removed immediately. Even if there are users who use it for many hours it is advised not to use it for more than two or three hours in order to avoid possible sphincter damage. If after the removal of the anal plug there are still feelings of pain it is better to go immediately to the hospital. We recommend that you never share the anal plug with more people in the bedroom in order to avoid possible blood loss but here we go on hardcore stuff.

Butt plug: how to clean it

The anal plug should always be cleaned after use in order to prevent the creation of bacteria on the sex toy but also to prevent possible venereal diseases. If you do not have hot water to clean it simply washes away all traces of faeces with hot water. Then clean it thoroughly with antibacterial soap in warm water. It is better to avoid cleaning it with brushes or brushes because they could scratch the surface and a scratched surface could damage the anus. Leave the sex toy to dry and then put it back in its box. If you have a set of toys it is better to go and put each of them in its wrapping as they could scratch each other. BVibe has an article on how to take care of your butt plug, click here to check it out.

What is a butt plug set?

On the market you can find sets of anal plugs designed in increasing quantities. This type of set can come in handy as it gives you the opportunity to increase the size of the anal wedge more and more without throwing money online.

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