Sex Swing 101: Sex Swing Shopping Guide for Bigger Users

Even if most interested in considering a love swing more likely to consider the sexual possibilities and maybe even her partner or her partner in it, also has a Sex Swing various technical details, which should at least be included in his considerations, one would like  Buy love swing .

Of course, each swing has its own characteristics and thus also technical details, which may be interesting in the individual case, or only of secondary importance. However, the following paragraph on what is a sex swing and the essential technical features are likely to be applicable to the vast majority of models.

Why is the love swing rocking exactly?

Each love swing is attached to a point on the ceiling, a beam, or any other suitable location. By the selective suspension, the actual rocking in all directions is possible. This suspension point is usually formed on the swing by a ring or a hook. Depending on the design of the suspension, it must be ensured that the counterpart on the ceiling is suitably dimensioned and shaped.If the swing has a closed ring, the suspension must be hooked or more secure with a lockable carabineer or shackle. If the swing already has a hook, a closed ring should definitely be used on the ceiling. Although this type of attachment also offers advantages, since no friction points metal against metal can cause disturbing noises, but you should check the belt regularly, whether it is still sustainable and has no chafing.

How the Traverse contributes in the true sense of the word for fun

Almost all love swings have just below the suspension a kind of traverse or a carrier, which serves to further divide the upper points of approach of the straps. This is important in that one-tap straps or ligaments severely restrict the person in the swing, thereby significantly hindering sexual pleasure. This cross member can be straight, curved or, depending on the design, designed in various shapes. The most important thing about this component is how to attach the straps to the swing. Are they firmly connected or are they easy to remove for cleaning or replacement?

The straps that real heart every sex swing

Belts are important in the sex swing. Not every love swing has straps. Some models use straps, others use straps or ropes. In sling mats or sling boards, in particular, the load-bearing areas of the straps are completely replaced by flat devices. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, however, all these variants are referred to as straps in this point. The straps are the most important element of Love Swing as they form the actual swing. Apparent differences are first of all the number and execution of the straps.The more straps that are available, the more weight of the body can be distributed, and ultimately, the higher the seating comfort. In addition, more straps also offer more options to make lovemaking flexible. From a technical point of view, it should be noted whether the straps are actually designed as flat straps, or round ropes, how wide the straps are, and whether the relevant areas may be padded. From their own laces everyone knows the difference between soft, wide bands and narrow, strong cutting strings.

In addition to the number and width of the straps material and design of the connections to draw conclusions about the resilience of the love swing there are individual straps sewn together or riveted together? How solid are the seams? Straight riveted straps are cheaper to manufacture, but straps like to tear out at these points and have to be reworked.

In terms of flexibility, usability, but also durability , the adjustment of the straps are to be considered. Depending on the type of buckles and adjustment eyelets, the handling may even be possible during the act, or require the occupant to exit. Just cheap versions are often malfunction and awkward in practical application. Under certain circumstances, these details can even represent the limiting factors for carrying capacity if they are not carefully implemented. AskMen.Com discussed the key things you must know before using a sex swing – just click here to know more.

As one or the other body fluid can also be involved in the use of the love swing, the cleaning option should not be disregarded within the framework of a technical examination of the swing . Depending on the material, straps and upholstery can be cleaned easily or just with great effort.

Accessories, partly necessary, partly lust-increasing

In the later application usually no longer visible, but still essential is the accessories of a love swing. This also includes objects such as optional handles, which should make the use even more comfortable, but primarily technical accessories are meant here. If, for example, already required fastening material, such as the fastening hook to be drilled in the ceiling , is included, this saves a lot of effort in preparation and assembly. With supplied accessories, it can usually be assumed that, for example, the ceiling hook fits to the swing on the swing, while at your own purchase you must pay attention to suitable dimensions and materials.

Cleaning and care for pure pleasure

In the obvious use of a love swing, it is understandable that it is not always completely “clean”. So that the dirty but remains limited to sex and does not apply permanently to the Love Swing, you should also carry out the necessary cleaning and care with the necessary care. The easiest way to clean the used metal and plastic parts, as they can be easily wiped off water is possibly some household detergent. Care should be taken only that no cleaner remains on the objects. In the usually mostly naked occurring use would be nothing more annoying than skin irritation from aggressive cleaning agents.

Straps, ropes or plastic upholstery can usually also be cleaned with standard cleaners and, if necessary, with a brush. If, on the other hand, other materials are used, the care of the materials is more complex. For example, genuine leather can be attacked and rubbed off by body fluids or used massage oils and lubricants. Especially an acidic environment, as it usually happens with body fluids, is particularly aggressive here. Therefore, a thorough cleaning is the top priority and should ideally be supplemented by a subsequent care. Straight leather is occasionally happy about some fat, to remain permanently supple and comfortable. These are readily available at the cumswingwithme sex shop.

Although fabrics such as velvet or plush are rarely used for the actual swing, they occasionally occur at least for upholstery or optional accessories.

Restricting one could now argue that all these hints are indeed only to be noted for the areas of the love swing, which are actually in contact with the lovers, so lower, padded areas of the straps, as well as handles and possibly existing seating or lying areas. But who can guarantee that in the eagerness of arousal, only these areas will actually be “hit”? Therefore, it is well worth the holistic view of the love swing for unadulterated fun.

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