Ben Wa Balls Sensual Healing Experience for Women

Talk about sex, and especially on the use of sex toys that are not directly accepted. Discussion revolves at the level of anecdotes and jokes. However, as the statistics show global sales of sex toys manufacturer – ahead of the rest. And main buyer – this is not a lonely lady aged “berry again.” More than half of the buyers of sex toys in our country – men aged 27 and older. At the same time it is man in words always rely on his manhood, but in fact happy to acquire a sex toy. And not only themselves, but also for their partners, wanting to surprise or to please in his absence.

It must be said that women are not far behind: continue to pretend that sex toys are irrelevant, but curiously follow the novelties, surprised by the variety of offer and fantasizing on the topic “What is,” if you try very, and sometimes with a partner.

To date, the global industry of sex toys was formed several important trends. Firstly – versatility. Manufacturers take into account the physiological differences and there are toys that only men can use. The woman is unlikely to need a prostate massager or Cock Rings and man – vaginal balls. However, the majority of toys are often suitable for both men and women.

Manufacturers have moved away from unnecessary naturalistic reproduction and reproductive organs. For example, modern masturbators are not like feminine charms and toys for women, for example, Mr. PINK, not similar to men’s dignity.

Sex is no longer simply a physiological need, designed to continue the race or remove tiredness. Philosophy manufacturers are now focuses on the fact that sex is an interesting and fun game in which you need not be afraid to use the Pulsator, dildos, vibrators and other toys. It is a game in which a dominant position – an opportunity to explore and discover their own sexuality, to improve the quality of intimate relationships.

Modern Sex toys:

It is a unique technological device with unsurpassed quality, from the best and safest materials. In place of the vibrator at different speeds come Pulsator – devices at several speeds simulating friction, moving in the “back and forth”. In fact, this toy can be a complete substitute for sexual intercourse in the absence of a permanent partner. The consumer is no longer enough to have a regular vibrator, now it is necessary that the toy was able to work on all the erogenous zones: to stimulate the clitoris, vagina pulsate inside, suitable for opposite-sex partners. After all, according to the research, 80% of consumers who use sex toys are doing it together with your partner. Dr Sherry shares her thoughts about how safe Ben Wa Balls are, just click this link.

Also takes into account the different needs and levels of sexual experience of consumers: in addition to toys for “power users”, manufactured goods and for “newcomers”, those who had never turned to the use of adult toys. These are products with small size, tidy and attractive shape, easy to use for example, mini-vibrators.

Manufacturers, designers and technologists paid great attention not only to the gaming side of sex for fun, but also to create toys that are useful for health. For example, vaginal balls, which strengthen the muscles of the vagina, which are particularly useful recently given birth and women over the age of 40:With regular exercise these balls not only improve the quality of sex, but also affect the relationship with the partner: for your busy work schedule you can now use Ben wa balls in public too.

Finally materials: Correct toys are made only from 100% medical grade silicone, safe for thermoplastics body.

The industry is not standing still, it is continuously trying to give a man and a woman a new experience, an opportunity to reveal themselves in sex, to deliver not only the physical and aesthetic pleasure and benefit from sex.

More about Ben Wa Balls: Know in Detail

Vaginal balls or Ben Wa Balls, also known as the Geisha balls or Venus, were invented many centuries ago. Recently, their popularity began to grow rapidly – due to the fact that they are mentioned in the popular book “Fifty shades of gray”. It is not excluded that the new sales vaginal balls will be held after the release of the film adaptation of the novel. However, millions of women have used and will use these tools, regardless of fashion trends – they can be used to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vaginal wall, to solve some gynecological problems and improve the quality of sexual life.Gynecologists and other specialists recommend the use of vaginal balls with Kegel exercises for treating urinary incontinence. In addition, they can be used for sexual stimulation.

Varieties of vaginal balls

Vaginal balls on a cord often used in all. Typically, two balls, and they are located on the cord in two or three inches from one another; in some models of the balls may be three (rarely – more), and they can be of different sizes. Beads on a string are ideal for training the muscles of the pelvic floor and urinary incontinence. These vaginal balls are recommended to buy those who had never used this device. They are easy to insert and remove from the vagina – the tip of the lace is from the outside, but it does not cause any discomfort. However, they also have a disadvantage in the holes, which will be held in lace, can accumulate vaginal discharge.

Vaginal balls without lace – the same balls are not related to each other. They are good because they are easier to clean, and can be used, depending on personal preferences, one, two or three at a time.

Other varieties: Quite popular vibrating vaginal balls, intended mostly for sexual stimulation than to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They are expected to affect the point g Point G – small prostate embryo and thereby bring the woman a lot of fun. They are equipped with a remote control that can be used on their own or entrust it to his partner. Some women are vaginal balls really help to diversify sex life, while others only cause discomfort, and it is impossible to predict in advance, you will like it or not. You can find different varieties of vaginal balls at

Vaginal balls inside which contain several small balls can be used for training the muscles of the vagina, as well as for sexual stimulation. They make the vaginal muscles to work more intensively than usual vaginal balls, and the results of training can become much faster.In addition, there raised vaginal balls – with smooth bulges, recesses, and so on.

Materials: Vaginal balls made of glass, metal, plastic or silicone. Use of the beads of any other materials as well as damaged vaginal balls (for example, those which are split off from the glass pieces) are not recommended.

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