Standard Male Chastity Device: How It Affects Your Lifestyle

Male chastity consists of enclosing the penis in a cage specially designed to prevent you from having complete erections or using peeing to have sex. When you have it on, you cannot masturbate nor have orgasms, and only the person who “keeps the key” can take it away from you. One would think that any man is scared of just hearing this, but no: there are a few who moan with enthusiasm. Being in a cage can be extremely exciting and satisfying. Some people say that the deprivation of orgasm increases sexual appetite and improves concentration. The knowledge about the male chastity guide helps to improve the relationship, even open relationships, between the dominant and the submissive.

Obviously this fetish is not something that can be taken lightly. Not only does it change the life of the caged but it also implies a great responsibility on the part of the key protector. Although those who enclose their penises in chastity belts have clear that they will have to deal with a little discomfort, in more serious cases a misplaced device can cause serious damage and, if that happens, the person who has the key must remove the belt immediately.


To learn more about what motivates people to participate in this fetish, we talk with three men about their experiences with chastity belts and ask for advice for those who want to start in this world. Two of these men are gay and one is bisexual and uses a cage while in an open relationship, which does not mean that heterosexual men do not have this fetish, but that all the heterosexuals we contacted refused to participate because of shame.

How was the first time you wore a chastity belt?

Travis:  It was an experience that taught me a lot. I learned how to walk with him all day and how to sleep without feeling uncomfortable. The first time I tried it was only for a day and I used the CB-300. You need to be adjusted. Although I only used it one day, I had a hard time sleeping, so I took it off, waited a while and eventually I got used to it. We all have erections when we’re asleep, it’s normal, but these things are made so you do not stop. Then you wake up and you have to find a way to get it off. I did not know how. I tried to take a bath with cold water but then I realized that you get off if you pee.

What do you like most about those devices?

It’s like you’re giving up something. I like that someone else has a certain level of control over me. Tell me “put on this shirt” or “use this”, those things excite me. Chastity belts serve the same purpose. I am giving control to a person. I let him decide for me. I remember that at school I used high Converse because it was a very mild form of slavery that you could use every day because it restricted your ankle. For me, it is best to have something sexy without people noticing.

What surprised you most about these male chastity devices?

It involves a lot of work. When you read a story or watch a porn video, it looks sexy all the time but you have to clean it every day and cut your hair so it does not get pulled on you. You must also be very careful when you go to the bathroom. Once, when I was starting, I left the whole bathroom stained. I did not know I had to pee sitting. It was very sexy chaos … I stained my pants, my jacket, everything.

What are the benefits?

I have always had a lower sexual appetite than my partners and found out that this helps me raise it a bit. When I was doing my graduate school, I masturbated just to stop thinking about that. Chastity devices make it more fun and out of my reach. This cage makes your submissive side come out and you just want to stay with your partner that night.

How chastity costs! How to endure the 15 days of chastity like a champion, huh? Especially that last 4 or 5 days. From here, I always encourage you to feel the satisfaction of being able to fulfill your commitment and have breakfast in a jovial and joyful way and not in a shameful way.

Who better than yourselves to reveal to me the secret of being able to achieve your goal in the noblest way? Exactly, you yourselves have some answers:

The main factor to endure it is to think of Princess that is to say that you only do it for her. Have a lot of willpower, if you commit to do it, do not back down at any time. Think of the day that chastity is cut; it is something that gives you a lot of mental strength. Count the days that are left for it, I for example I have an alarm set for the day that touches me, I am anxious and impatient for it to arrive already, but I face loyalty to my mistress chastity. If you’re wondering what’s it like to wear a male chastity device for a long period of time, Huffingtonpost has an article about it. 

In case of not having the cage or the belt, it is a bit more complicated since the erections you still have it and it costs more to control yourself, forget what has made you warm up and try to lower the erection. Drink a lot of fluid; if you pee when you are erect, it is harder for me to lower my erection.

Try to avoid rubbing your hand or anything on the penis when you’re hot. Try not to think about it, make your normal life. This is funny, but sleeps, if you sleep you stop thinking about it during that time.

It is so important that it must be repeated, I have it constantly in my head: I do it for my goddess, for Princess, and that gives me strength for anything. Communicate my changes, progress and status to Princess, She helps me cope, giving me advice. If you want one, you can Buy Here Now.

To go to the urinal bath, the manipulation decreases. Always end up with a cold water wash. Try not to think much about sex, but as the days go by, see sex everywhere.

When I cleanse the pre-eminent liquids that are coming out continuously from the third day, I do it mechanically, without deluding myself in it, dangerous terrain. But above all it is mind and focus. The Princess has asked for it, and in fulfilling the objective, I know positively that she will be happy with me that give me strength.

When you get excited thinking about Princess, think quickly about your order, although the excitement lasts to think about your order will help you to endure and calm down. Put ice if at any time the excitement is huge. Gently punishing the penis every time you get excited if you cannot, it can be tapping with a ruler or putting a rubber band on it. Think of the proud and satisfied smile of Princess for seeing you hold.

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